About the project

The first stage of the Kuban Industrial Park project is being implemented in the industrial area of Ust-Labinsk town (Krasnodar Region). This area makes 342.7 hectares and has an industrial complex with a branch orientation: deep processing of agricultural products using biotechnology and production of building materials.

Kuban Industrial Park refers to private industrial parks such as Greenfield, created on the newly allocated undeveloped land, initially not provided with infrastructure.

The geographical location of the industrial Park has possibility of wider coverage of municipalities of the region, the production of which will be the main suppliers of resources for industrial enterprises located in the Park, and will develop cooperation with related and supporting industries of Kuban Industrial Park.

The initiator of the creation of the industrial Park in Ust-Labinsk is the largest industrial Group of companies "Basic Element", which unites about 100 Russian and international enterprises working in the energy, mining, metallurgical, engineering, aviation, financial, agricultural and other industries.

Providing the territory of Kuban Industrial Park energy is carried out at the expense of the formation of their own infrastructure.

The industrial Park territory has:

• high-pressure gas pipeline laid and put into operation for gas supply of existing and projected facilities. The length of the pipeline is 10.2 km.

• built own energy island the EuroSibEnergo on the basis of gas-piston power stations with a capacity of 4.4 MW. The project provides for a phased increase in the capacity of the energy island, depending on the needs of new enterprises under construction: 12 MW - 24 MW - 50 MW:

• in order to provide comprehensive infrastructure for existing and future facilities, the design of the sewage collector was carried out;

• in the future, it is planned to build new treatment facilities depending on the needs of new enterprises under construction and the construction of the "Northern water intake" in the industrial zone with a capacity of up to 5000 m3/day.

The activities of the Park are supported by the administration of Krasnodar region and Ust-Labinsk district in order to develop the industrial cluster and increase the economic potential of the region.